Warframe – My Warframe Potato Ranking

Rhino – 15 points (He’s a bulldozer making you flat on the ground)

  • Strong AoE-Damage Ability (Stomp)
  • Powerful Group Buff (Roar)
  • Immunity to crowd control and absorbing damage (Iron Skin)
  • Best shields and strongest armor (+50%)
  • Slowest movement speed of all warframes

Banshee – 15 points (All-over a very good allrounder)

    • Great cleaner of weak- or light groups (Sonic Quake)
    • Creates powerful weakpoints at enemies (Sonar)
    • Utility ability to knockback enemies (Sonic Boom)
    • Faster movespeed than common warframes (+10%)

Loki – 15 points (Optimal to farm bosses and finishing missions)

  • Nearly invulnerable while invisible (Invisibility)
  • Utility ability to lure enemy groups (Decoy)
  • Other helpful abilities (Switch Teleport)
  • Fastest movespeed of all warframes (+25%)

Vauban – 15 points (Nightmare of all infestation)

  • Ultimative Defense against Infestation (Bastille)
  • Strong AoE-Damage Ability (Tesla and Vortex)
  • Other ultility ability (Bounce)

Excalibur – 14 points (Killing machine in right hands)

  • Strong cleaner of weak groups or light infestation (Slash Dash)
  • Mighty AoE-Damage Ability (Radial Javelin)
  • Other helpful abilities (Blind and Superjump)
  • Else balanced warframe

Frost – 14 points (Must Have for Grineer or Corpus Defense)

  • Ultimative Defense against ranged enemies (Snow Globe)
  • AoE-Damage ability (Avalanche and Ice Wave)
  • Best shields and strongest armor (+50%)
  • Prime Version of Frost farmable for everyone
  • Slowest movement speed of all warframes

Ash – 13 points (Strong all-rounder)

  • Great multi-target ability for higher leveled enemies (Blade Storm)
  • Small spam ability to kill mobile enemies (Shuriken)
  • Other helpful abilities (Smoke Screen, Teleport)
  • Faster movespeed than common warframes (+15%)

Ember – 12 points (Burn baby burn)

  • Effective AoE-Damage Abilities (Fire Blast and World On Fire)
  • Strong Damage Reduction (Overheat)
  • Highest energy capacity (+75%)

Mag – 12 points (Strong utility all-rounder)

  • AoE-Damage Ability (Crush)
  • Useful ultility abilities (Shield Polarize and Bullet Attractor)
  • Other helpful abilities (Pull)
  • Best shields (+50%)

Saryn – 12 points (Poisonous for every enemy)

  • Mighty AoE-Damage Ability (Miasma)
  • Strong Single-Target Damage Ability (Venom)
  • Utility ability to decoy enemies (Molt)
  • Wears high heels

Trinity – 11 points (She’ll never die in good hands)

  • Party invulnerable and healing (Blessing)
  • Invulneerable and little crowd control immune (Link)
  • Energy restoration (Energy Vampire)

Volt – 11 points (Lovely boss-run support warframe)

    • AoE-Damage Ability (Overload)
    • Movement Speed Party Buff (Speed)
    • Other useful ability (Electric Shield)

Nyx – 9 points (N/C)

  • Good AoE-Damage Ability (Absorb)
  • Strong AoE Crowd Control Ability (Chaos)
  • Faster movespeed than common warframes (+10%)

That ranking counts as solo or random party ranking. Synergy abilities for arranged party could be underrated e.g.: Volt’s Speed for fast raid runs, Ember’s World On Fire to hunt informer, Trinity’s Energy Vampire to keep up abilities or Mag’s Pull to pull enemy groups to one point.


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